Eternal Nature: A Special Digital Art Exhibition by d’strict.

Arte M – A Special Digital Art Exhibition

Presented by South Korean digital design company d’strict, arte m is a special digital art exhibition featuring selected highlights of their popular immersive media art experience ARTE Museum. It will be exhibited in Hong Kong at K11 HACC for 15 months before moving to a larger space with F&B facilities in the 3.8 million-square-foot one-stop shopping and entertainment destination 11 SKIES next year or 2024.

Eternal Nature

The exhibition will present a total of six multimedia artworks that reinterpret the elements and spaces from nature. They range from the life cycle of flowers to endlessly crashing swells, boundlessly stretching seashores and the jungle of a tropical rainforest.

The immersive media art exhibition was conceived by Korean digital design company d’strict, which is famous for its realistic public media artworks such as WAVE and Waterfall-NYC. It is also the creator of a series of immersive experiences with nature themes such as ARTE MUSEUM.

The first Hong Kong venue is expected to open next year or 2024 in a new one-stop entertainment, retail and commerce hub 11 SKIES in Quarry Bay. Hong Kong will be the world’s first overseas destination for this curated ARTE MUSEUM exhibition by d’strict. With the easing of travel restrictions, the company expects to expand this experience in major metropolis worldwide. Including Hong Kong, Chengdu, Las Vegas, and New York City.

Immersive Media Artworks

For immersive art experiences to be effective, they must be able to engage the audience on both an emotional and cognitive level. They can use technologies such as lighting and projection mapping to transform the space into an enveloping experience for viewers. The experience can be further enhanced by the use of music and ambient sounds.

Increasingly, digital artists are using immersive technology to challenge traditional ideas about what art is and what it is for. For example, the artist Yayoi Kusama uses LED lights to create mesmerising infinity mirror rooms that engulf visitors. Similarly, Pipilotti Rist’s video installations are used to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to interact with the work.

Digital art exhibitions can be a fascinating experience for visitors, but they are not without their critics. Many people claim that immersive art dilutes the gallery experience and encourages social media sharing. However, these works are gaining popularity and can attract new audiences to museums.

Sensor-Based Interaction

Located at the new one-stop entertainment, retail and commerce destination 11 SKIES in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, the exhibition is a curated iteration of South Korean digital design company d’strict’s renowned immersive media art showcase Arte Museum, which has been seen by more than three million people.

Visitors are transported from a flower garden to a psychedelic beach and even the jungle of a tropical rain forest, each with their own senses in mind. Breathtaking visuals, sensuous sound and elegant aromas harmonize to create an experience that is both immersive and uplifting.

Featuring an augmented reality (AR) set-up, the show uses sensors to track and interact with the audience. For example, the floor graphics are able to display a visitor’s skeletal outline in real-time and point them in the direction to move to get the most out of the exhibit. The interaction is also enhanced by audio cues, such as the sound of crashing waves.

Ticket Prices

Featuring a total of six media artworks reinterpreting elements and spaces of nature, the special exhibition ARTE M provides audiences an impeccably balanced experience between visual intensity, sensuous sound, and elegant ambiance. Take a journey through a floral wonderland, oceanic paradise, psychedelic beach, and exotic tropical jungle.

Located in K11 ATELIER KING’S ROAD, the immersive exhibition space promises visitors a digital escape from the city that never sleeps. The renowned immersive media art space is the first iteration outside of Korea by the Korean digital design company and “art tech factory” d’strict.

HK$128 for adults on weekdays and HK$148 on weekends and public holidays. Children aged 3 to 11 and students are eligible for concessionary tickets. Same-day ticket sale is unavailable.

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